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“I think everyone has experienced an event that has unexpectedly turned the world that one thinks he knows into an adventurous universe of unknown. For me, one of these events was the very first meeting with Launch.ed’s business advisor Alison Gee. Thrilled and eyes glaring with a new idea,  I showed up, wanting to discover it’s potential. She asked me, “What kind of problem is your product solving?” And this very question turned my thinking processes upside down. It resonates in my head every time I hear about a new startup or idea, and despite the fact that I could not properly answer the question, it motivated me more than anything else.

“About four months ago, as an experience-seeking fresher I came to Edinburgh without any knowledge that it is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in Europe, home to Skyscanner and FanDuel – a Disneyland for innovators. What is more, the University of Edinburgh facilitates many programs that fulfil my urge to get the most out of my university experience. Alison advised me on many opportunities and events, most of which I have attended in the past semester. I would like to share my unique and profound experience of a truly inspirational event called “3 Day Startup“.

“Under the leadership of Maia Donohue, University of Texas professor and entrepreneur at heart, the 65 participants formed groups and began developing our ideas. What was particular about this event was that it got my hands dirty through the actual execution of an idea: something that any theoretical course on entrepreneurship lacks. We talked to potential customers, created lean canvases, and after three intense days pitched our ideas to a panel of judges. Even more than skills and experiential knowledge, I have gained motivation. I have found out what exciting and constantly evolving lives entrepreneurs lead. I remember walking back home on Sunday evening, exhausted yet with a smile composed of energizing knowledge of the direction in which I want my life to go.”


By Lukas Cerny

1st Year Undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh

Studying BSc Computer Science and Mathematics




A big thank you to Lukas for sharing his journey to discovering his passion for entrepreneurship!

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