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"Sound design system to create monster effects in real time."

Orfeas Boteas

Entrepreneur: Orfeas Boteas<br/ > College/School: Edinburgh College of Art<br/ > Company: Krotos Ltd

The Story: During his MSc in Sound Design, Orfeas noticed a problem many sound designers were experiencing. One growl of a monster could take up to 8 hours to create, which is time-consuming and expensive since they would still need to layer sounds from sound libraries or their own recordings. Orfeas set out to solve this problem with his Masters project. In 2012 he began building the prototype for his Dehumaniser processor, allowing designers to create sounds in real-time and actors can generate sounds themselves – in a matter of seconds, not hours.

Orfeas used an internship with Launch.ed to move his ideas forward and was able to found his company, Krotos Ltd, in 2013. He then won the Young Edge Award and a one-year Enterprise Fellowship with the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Following a free beta-version of the processor that Orfeas used to collect both feedback and potential customers, the commercial version of Dehumaniser was launched in 2014.

The software is now being used by AAA game companies, Hollywood studios and top-notch post-production companies around the world. Dehumaniser has voiced characters in everything from Hollywood films Avengers: Age of Ultron and the Jungle Book, to popular video game Farcry 4. Krotos Ltd now employs eight full-time employees and plans to continue growing in Scotland.

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