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We are delighted to welcome another new staff member, Dora Handrea, who is our new Enterprise Executive. Dora joined Launch.ed two weeks ago – just in time to be thrown headfirst into the excitement of this year’s 3 Day Startup! Dora will be in charge of bootcamps, future 3 Day Startup programmes and other events. She will also deliver educational content at events, and manage a lot of our communications.

After completing a BSc in Business Economics with Marketing at the University of Dundee, Dora worked in the University’s ‘Enterprise Gym’. Therefore she has plenty of experience of supporting student startups, as well as of being a student entrepreneur herself. One of the startups she was part of was a social enterprise called ‘Drive’, which focused on bike rental and energy advice. Having had this hands-on experience, she is well aware of the challenges faced by new entrepreneurs but more importantly the rewards reaped from all the hard work.

Being originally from Transylvania, Dora grew up hearing not fairytales with happy-ever-after endings, but gruesome vampire stories. In fact, she is often asked by taxi drivers whether she is a vampire (we assure you, we carried out thorough pre-employment checks!). She is married to Bogdan, and says Transylvania is both mystical and beautiful – perhaps this is why she enjoys cycling and other activities that allow her to take in beautiful scenery.

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