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  • Skoogmusic

    A revolutionary tactile cube that will change the way people enjoy, create and learn music.

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  • PureLiFi

    Use of the visible light spectrum instead of radio frequencies to enable high-speed wireless data communication and internet access.

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  • Particle Analytics

    Cutting-edge technology for the preparation, visualisation and analysis of DEM simulation data of particles and industrial bulk solids.

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  • Robotical

    An affordable walking robot for the hobbyist market.

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  • Shotscope

    Shot Scope

    The next generation of golf performance tracking technology.

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  • Flying Dutchman Bikes

    Flying Dutchman

    Top-quality, low-maintenance Dutch bicycles for everyday use.

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  • Medicen Device

    Creating devices to reduce the burden on healthcare staff and ease the pain of the patient.

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  • Wael Seaiby

    Wael Seaiby

    Recycling plastic bags into high-value art objects.

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