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Elpis - Alex and Sam

Current undergraduate students Alexandros Angelopoulos and Samuel Kellerhals received the Principal’s Medal for Service to the Community for their Social Enterprise Elpis.

Elpis build and install solar-powered charging stations in refugee camps, powering up to 120 phones per day and enabling access to a digital platform that contains educational materials and entertainment. So far 12 ‘solar hubs’ are installed across eight refugee camps in Greece.

The Principal’s Medal recognises staff or students who have made a significant contribution to the University, and those who have made an impact in the wider community outside of the University. The Contribution to the Community Award honours staff or students who have played a key role in a project to the community they’ve worked, lived in or contributed to.

Alex and Sam are the only undergraduate students to receive this honour in the ten years it has been running. They will receive the Principal’s Medal during the winter Graduations, 30th November 2017.


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How to get started

“Starting a company at the University takes drive, determination and some imagination. The vast network of alumni, students and other helpful; bodies such as LAUNCH.ed has guided out journey.”

What advice would you give budding University entrepreneurs?

“Start now. There is no better time than the present to get going and brainstorm your next product or line of action. University really is the best place to be when starting out. Don’t be afraid of failure, since every single setback is a great learning opportunity and may take you further than you ever imagined. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help, as you won’t be able to go at it alone.”


“The University enterprise programme has helped structure our idea and provide the support and guidance to refine our business models. Through our business advisor we were made aware of a competition in Switzerland which we entered, and won, further helping us to validate our business plan. Then the Inspire Launch Grow competition also provided a good opportunity for validation. There we were able to win the runner-up prize. We look forward to working more closely with the University for support and continued growth.”

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