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The University of Edinburgh’s innovation management service; Edinburgh Innovations helps to inspire, launch and grow enterprises. LAUNCH.ed is a big part of that, we are a free student service launching student’s ideas to the world with meetings with expert advisors, events and competitions and it doesn’t come bigger than Inspire Launch Grow – our annual competition and showcase.

The Inspire Launch Grow Awards are designed to reward staff, researchers, students and recent graduates (up to four years after graduation) of the University of Edinburgh who have started a new business, social enterprise or turned their research into a business opportunity. We want to recognise those who achieved entrepreneurial success while pursuing their studies or academic career or developed an inspiring new business post-graduation.

This is not a competition for early-stage ideas. We are looking for applicants who have already taken considerable steps towards starting up. Check eligibility and tips on what the judges are looking for here

There is a total prize fund of £20,000, with a top award of £5,000 cash with smaller sums available for runners-up. In addition to the main prizes, all finalists will receive a set of professional photos, a pop-up banner and the opportunity to network with our VIP guests at the event ceremony on 13th June 2018.

Deadline: Midnight 16th April 2018

Upon successful completion of the Inspire Launch Grow application form you will receive a confirmation message on screen. Please note you will not receive an email until the deadline is closed.

Applications are now closed


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