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dsc_7902-dora-handrea-compressedDora Handrea is an Enterprise Executive at Launch.ed; she is in charge of events such as bootcamps and 3 Day Startup. She also delivers educational content at events, and manages a lot of our communications.

After completing a BSc in Business Economics with Marketing at the University of Dundee, Dora worked in the university’s ‘Enterprise Gym’. Therefore she has plenty of experience of supporting student startups, as well as of being a student entrepreneur herself. One of the startups she was part of was a social enterprise called ‘Drive’, which focused on bike rental and energy advice. Having had this hands-on experience she is well aware of the challenges faced by new entrepreneurs, but more importantly the rewards reaped from all the hard work.

Dora is passionate about making students aware of the benefits of engaging with the entrepreneurial scene and helping them develop enterprise skills in preparation for the world of work, whether they intend to run their own business or not. This is why in 2016 she was the licensee and organiser of the first TEDxDundee event, which aimed to inspire new ideas and enhance creativity, and why she is a fantastic addition to the team at Launch.ed!

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