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"Top-quality, low-maintenance Dutch bicycles for everyday use."

Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman Bikes

Legend has it that on their first Valentines Day together Harry Walton built a beautiful bicycle for Kristina Rimkute and from that day a partnership was forged and years later the Flying Dutchman was born.

Kristina Rimkute and Harry Walton each had a lifetime of experience as ‘bike people’.  In their early years, they both encountered problems with commuting for everyday purposes, especially in ‘cycle unfriendly’ places like the UK where practical accessories like chain guards, kickstands, and dynamo lights are hard to come by. After several years of ‘making do’, it was the year they spent together in the Netherlands that really changed their approach to utility cycling. In Amsterdam, they saw first-hand how truly useful bikes can be when integrated into the fabric of people’s daily routines. They are no longer seen as alternative ways of getting around; riding elegant upright bikes in all weathers and in ordinary clothes, alongside all the mamas and papas, the kids, and the grandparents – it was enough to make anyone fall in love with the Dutch approach to transport!

On their return to the UK, they decided to begin building Flying Dutchman bikes as a way of sharing their enthusiasm for everyday cycling. Although bicycle shops do, of course, already exist, Dutch bicycles (and their very particular accessories) are difficult, if not impossible to find over here. By choosing to specialise in only top-quality, low-maintenance Dutch bicycles, the Flying Dutchman sets itself apart from other retailers.

Their down-to-earth, personal service stems from the fact that they are a small, family business, inspired by Amsterdam, and passionate about promoting the most efficient form of personal transportation on the planet: the humble bicycle.

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