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"Cutting-edge technology for the preparation, visualisation and analysis of DEM simulation data of particles and industrial bulk solids."

Carlos Labra

Entrepreneurs: Carlos Labra
College/School: Research Associate, School of Engineering
Company: Particle Analytics

The Story: While Carlos Labra was a Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh, market leaders, including industry-giant Proctor and Gamble, came to his research group asking for the group’s technology to be turned from an academic tool into a solution that could be used by the industry. Carlos answered and spun his company out from the university in 2014, forming Particle Analytics in 2015. Carlos was in the enviable position of having Proctor and Gamble on board as an early adopter, paying for a license of a product that had not yet been developed.

The Particle Analytics software for modelling processes involving granular material (sands, rocks, chemical products and so forth) solves problems in industries from construction and farming to mining and chemicals. Analysis that used to take a week with high performance computing facilities and multiple PhDs doing the extensive setup and analysis, now takes only a few hours and could be performed by an undergraduate engineering student.

Shortly after winning his first contract, Carlos won a SMART award to get development underway. Then Particle Analytics won a second contract with a major US construction machinery manufacturer. Within two months of adopting Particle Analytics’ software, they had optimised the design of their machinery. Within six months of spinning out, industry leaders Pfizer and Astec Industries were also using Particle Analytics’ software. The first commercial release is planned for Autumn 2016.

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