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"A new type of sports wearable that will gather enough data to act a as a virtual coach"

Roy Hotrabhvanon
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Innovations, LAUNCH.ed, startup support, entrepreneurial student

PlayerData is a new type of sports wearable that will gather enough data to act as a virtual coach. By learning movement and training style PlayerData will be able to figure out the best way to improve performance, tailored to the individual. Generally this type of device is aimed at high establishments such as science labs however what’s unique about us is, with our competitive pricing it is accessible to the average consumer.

Currently in the field testing phase PlayerData have already successfully gained their first partnership with global social enterprise; Homeless World Cup Foundation. The tracking system will be attached to each player at the event in Mexico City, which will feature more than 500 players from at least 40 countries, and will wirelessly relay data to a base station that updates the event’s site in real time.

“After a quick search I found LAUNCH.ed and filled in a contact form and met with a business adviser shortly after. My business idea was taken from zero to start-up in the space of months. LAUNCH.ed really opens up the network for you and I got great support at the right time. We were never left hanging. There was no stagnation in our development, we just kept progressing. Being endorsed for the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa was also key as it enabled me to stay in the UK to develop the business further.”

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