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"Creative social enterprise and start-up aimed at promoting the arts in Scotland."

Ann Rushing

Entrepreneurs: Anne Rushing, Zoe Michell
School/College: Edinburgh College of Art
Company: Pop Up! Scotland

The Story: 

The Idea

“Pop Up! Scotland brings art to unexpected places through one-off arts exhibitions, workshops and experiences that bridge the gap between the everyday world and the world of fine art. We are infinitely flexible because location, content, and length of exhibition is completely customisable. We educate the public, letting them get hands on with their creative sides and provide opportunities to creative professionals to expand their market by removing the work from traditional exhibition spaces. This provides artists with more sales, helps the traditional art exhibition spaces gain new clients, and educates and enriches those who participate in our programmes”.

Venture Highlights

“Probably the first time we had an exhibition, which was a great experience. It was successful, and we learned a lot about our project. Moreover, during my entrepreneurial journey I have met the people I work with. We learned to build a fantastic team while starting the company”.

Start-up at Uni

“LAUNCH.ed provide great one on one mentoring. I was given advice and guidance on my business plan and structure. I was also advised of great places to talk to about legal and financial aspects within Edinburgh and Scotland. I got a lot of help and direction to start my business and advice on how to expand and grow”.


“We had to prove ourselves and show the benefits of a creative business, telling people why it is worthwhile to support our project. You have to be ready to commit some time to make some mistakes. There is a lot of trial and error. Then you just need to talk to a lot of different people, like your peers who have tried things. Talking to everyone gives you a feel for who can help you best, making sure you have a clear idea what you want to do”.

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