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"An affordable walking robot for the hobbyist market."

Alexander Enoch

Entrepreneur: Alexander Enoch
College/School: Informatics
Company: Robotical

The Story: During his PhD in Robotics, Alexander/Sandy, hoping to share his love of robotics, looked for a robot toy for his niece. Alexander was frustrated to find that there wasn’t a single robot he was happy with as a roboticist that was at an affordable price range for an entry-level enthusiast or child. Since he believes that robotics, programming and 3D printing are all subjects that are best learned by doing, and there was a lack of affordable, suitable teaching tools, he set out to create one. In his spare time, he began designing a robot that was cheaper, more functional, and more expandable than anything else available.

After many, many prototypes and boosts from awards, including winning the 2015 Innovation Cup at the Inspire Launch Grow Awards, Marty the 3D printed, walking robot, and Robotical Ltd were born. Marty’s unique design reduces the cost of making a robot that can walk, turn, dance, kick a ball, and more. Controllable from your phone, programmable over WiFi out of the box, and easily expanded with a Raspberry Pi or Ardunio for ultimate flexibility, Marty is the perfect robot for kids, educators and makers, to help learn about programming, electronics, mechanical design, 3D printing and robotics.

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