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"A revolutionary tactile cube that will change the way people enjoy, create and learn music."

Ben Schogler, Mark Franklin


Entrepreneurs: Ben Schogler and Mark Franklin
College/School: School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences
Company: Skoogmusic Ltd

The Story: Skoog was developed as part of an interdisciplinary project at the University of Edinburgh to enable severely disabled children who cannot use traditional instruments to play music in an expressive way. Skoog is a revolutionary tactile cube that will change the way you create and learn music and includes a powerful and fun music interface for iPad that opens up a world of ‘musicplay’ to everyone, including those with disabilities. After getting around 2,000 original education-focused Skoogs in schools from the UK to Australia and Hong Kong to the US, the founders of Skoogmusic decided to create a Skoog that anyone could play.

With the help of a SMART grant, prototypes of the Skoog 2.0 were developed. Like the original version, the new Skoog 2 still has the same tactile multi-dimensional control over sound, but the new, smaller Skoog is now multi-touch – meaning all five surfaces can be played at once. It’s also wireless, iOS-compatible, and comes with its own music-making app. The Skoog team turned to crowdfunding to finance their new product, smashing all expectations and raising more than 200% of their goal on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

As of 2016, Skoogmusic has a turnover of £400,000 and 5 employees, and the Skoog 2 is for sale in Apple stores throughout Europe and on Next up for Skoog is the late 2016 launch of Mogo, a dedicated virtual analogue synth app for Mac and iOS, designed to work exclusively with the Skoog. Awesome retro-futuristic sounds that you shape and bend – literally.

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