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"Make-it-yourself doughnut kit inspired by ancestor Elizabeth Dimsdale's recipe from 1803."

Hannah Dimsdale, Arthur Dimsdale

Entrepreneurs: Hannah & Arthur Dimsdale
School/College: Literatures, Languages & Cultures
Company: Teadough

The Story: Hannah and Arthur Dimsdale are the co-founders of Teadough, where they have updated and transformed this wonderful recipe to create a delicious doughnut ingredient box. Just add butter, milk and an egg and you can bake delicious doughnuts at home inspired by their ancestor’s historical recipe.

Until now the earliest known doughnut recipe dated from 1847 when American Hanson Gregory claimed to have invented them aboard a lime trading ship when he was only 16.

The true origins of the doughnut appear to be from a recipe book by ancestor Elizabeth Dimsdale, dating back to 1803, with a recipe for ‘dow nuts’ created in the small British town of Hertford.

Teadough has been supported by Launch.ed via 3 Day Start-up, Bootcamps, and they were also the runners up in the Enterprise Award category of the 2015 Inspire, Launch, Grow awards.

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