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"Two Big Ears creates technology and design that helps you to see through your ears."

Abesh Thakur, Varun Nair

Entrepreneurs: Abesh Thakur (Physics), Co-Founder and CEO, Varun Nair (Sound Engineering) Co-Founder and CTO
Company: TwoBigEars
Key Clients: Bjork, Oculus Rift

The Story: Abesh and Varun met at the University of Edinburgh and collaborated on a Masters project together. They soon realised that the software they were working on had commercial potential. After meeting Launch.ed at an event, they came in for a meeting and started to work on their company concept. Abesh became one of the first Santander Enterprise Interns at Launch.ed which gave him a salary, incubation and dedicated advisory over the summer break to develop the company.  Abesh and Varun both also attended Bootcamps and workshops to help them develop their business model. Once they had built up a good proposition they were given support by Launch.ed to secure a Tier 1 Entrepreneurial Visa, an SE SMART award of £100,000, and an RSE Enterprise Fellowship with a year’s salary and incubation. Since then they have grown the company from two to 6+ employees.

Recently you might have heard that this wee startup from Scotland has just joined Facebook and is set to enhance the future of VR for all of us. This is a company making real impact on an international level and it was started by two students with an idea.


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