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"Recycling plastic bags into high-value art objects."

Waël Seaiby
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Entrepreneur: Wael Seaiby
School/College: Edinburgh College of Art
Company: Wael Seaiby

The Story:


“The company is a design brand that revolutionises the way we look at mundane materials by turning them into beautiful design objects. The focus is on employing innovative and unconventional processing techniques in turning ubiquitous, everyday materials into unique, handcrafted pieces. Many of the materials I end up working with are either waste materials or industry by-products, which would otherwise end up in landfills.”


“My PLAG project, in which I turn plastic bags into objects of higher value, has gotten a lot of attention and press coverage in design magazines. Almost a year after its launch, I am still being invited to exhibit the PLAG, and it is still getting featured in magazines. It is really rewarding when people from your industry notice your work.”


“Starting a company is no easy feat, but it is definitely made easier at the University of Edinburgh. Through LAUNCH.ed, I received indispensable help and advice, from getting my visa approved to free legal advice. It is a tough task, but it is very rewarding when things go right. I also received two University grants that were essential in developing my projects.

I have already started to generate some income from selling the PLAG objects through different galleries and design shows across Edinburgh and London. I am currently developing a new project with foam off-cuts, which will employ a similar process to the PLAG project. I am hoping that these pieces will generate more income, since I already have a previous successful project.”


“My ambition is to still be able to do what I love for a living. Eventually, I want to be running a successful design studio of around 10 employees where we focus on producing unique and innovative design pieces, and where compromise is not an option.”

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