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With a range of online courses and other resources you can access at any time, from anywhere, you can continue your entrepreneurial journey 24/7.


Introducing two new enterprise tools!

1. Research your enterprise sector

Quickly find comprehensive information on business sectors and business opportunities. Find everything from what qualifications and skills you would need to relevant legislation and key market trends.

2. Validate your entrepreneurial idea

Attended a bootcamp and want to continue working on your business model canvas or not sure if the day-long event is for you? With Validate you can map out and develop your business idea all at your own pace. Export it as a portfolio, which can be easily shared during one-to-one adviser meetings or with your business partners. Your adviser can keep track of your progress to provide further support and advice.

Both tools are free via our website, so you can avoid the fees.


Use the University of Edinburgh’s e-learning platform: Learn to access a range of different courses including understanding your business, finance, legal structures, pitching and how to fill out your lean canvas.

  • Kickstarting your business (1/4)
  • Thinking lean (2/4)
  • Customer discovery and validation (3/4)
  • Pitch it (4/4)

Although you can undertake these courses in any order, if you are new to the subject we recommend you work through these four in the above order. There is also:

  • Directors’ duties
  • Financial compliance
  • Legal structures
  • Understanding your business finance
  • Startup case studies

These online resources complement our face-to-face enterprise events and services.

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Available to staff, students and recent graduates from the University. If you are a recent alumni of the University and do not have a valid EASE log-in please email us: enquiries@launch.ed.ac.uk

Find our courses by:

  1. Logging into Learn
  2. Go to the self-enrol tab (top right-hand corner)
  3. Browse catalogue
  4. Search ‘Edinburgh Innovations’

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